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Alan has gone from getting bullied in school to becoming a successful bodybuilder, training the athletes that once upon a time... bullied him! In the mid-90s, Alan learnt how hypnotherapy could “make people believe they’re Rocky Balboa” and incorporated this into his training. Alan owns and operates one of the world’s toughest endurance events: “The Race Around Ireland” (a 2200km cycling route to be completed in 5 days) and his clients include world boxing champions, Olympians, professional cyclists, golfers, footballers, and global brands such as Microsoft.
Alan discusses how to build resilience and keep your head in the game when operating a high-stress environment. You will learn the secrets of achieving BIG and seemingly insurmountable goals, how to get stronger and how to drastically increase your performance over time. Alan also shares a POWERFUL three-minute exercise to get yourself “in the zone” before a big, stressful event, along with mistakes to avoid in those final three minutes before the big show.
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