How I Almost Killed Me with Joseph Pack


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An entrepreneur since 21, Joseph Pack rapidly built a social media agency with clients like Adidas and the NHS. The new car, weekend partying, nice clothes, and social media success became too much to handle as he knew that “it was all fake, a lie”. 10 strong coffees every day and a 12 hour workday became a recipe for disaster. At 26, Joe nearly died after a series of surprise seizures. Yet he claims this is one of the best things to ever happened to him.
How did Joseph turn a breakdown into a breakthrough? Leaving behind depression and a draining lifestyle towards yoga, wellbeing and thriving...even with an ADHD diagnosis. In this episode, we discover how and why goal-seeking habits led to a near-death experience. Discover how to be the most authentic version of yourself with dynamic systems rather than static goals.
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