The Psychology Of Negotiation with Mike Lander


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In this episode of Honey I Blew Up The Business Dan is joined by Mike Lander, CEO at Piscari and one of London’s leading dealmakers. He’s negotiated hundreds of deals worth over £400m in aggregate and bootstrapped businesses which he sold for 7 figures. At Piscari, Mike helps smaller companies negotiate better deals with big companies. He co-hosts the “It’s a Good Start” podcast where he discusses entrepreneurship for digital and marketing agencies, vlogs and writes for the marketing press.
Mike shares the human and financial impact of getting into things you don’t understand. He also talks about sticking to your ethics, how a rough put-down in his first interview at the age of 16 sparked a lifelong commitment to learning-by-doing, the commercial value of your network (and how NOT to network), and seeing business as experiments. There are also strategies in the episode about how not to get your leg taken off in your next negotiation!
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