Conscious Parenting: Changing the Contract with your Kids with Tamara Iglesias


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As a conscious parenting coach, mama & ‘goddess temple’ modern-day priestess, Tamara Iglesias empowers families to live fully whole and nourished lives.

She believes our children have the power to heal the world. Her approach focuses on respect, trust, and true empowerment through conscious words, actions, boundaries, quality time and slowing down, so that children and their caretakers can truly thrive.

Tamara’s accessible approach weaves together personalized programs comprised of whole foods, self-care, conscious parenting, movement, meditation, healing botanicals, ancient healing modalities, essential oils and more. And most importantly, guidance through the continual journey of self-awareness and self-love, as true wholeness comes from within.

Rob & I had hired her for a 3-month coaching package, and it was truly transformative for our family!!

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Discussed in this episode:

- asking “what inside me is triggered by this”?

- the blame and shame game

- why parents need to get clear on what our personal boundaries

- 3 step process … clear consistent limits and boundaries, not discipline

- boundaries without natural consequences are punishments

- problem with saying ‘don’t cry’

- how to sit in the discomfort of your child and be a safe comfortable place for them

- on being a single mom with no support

- finding joy away and in front of our children

- why and how we need to move

- what is goddess temple

- on birth, trauma, birth plans, and postpartum sexuality

- conscious parenting & older kids

- what it means to ‘change the contract’ with your kids

- one powerful thing to whisper to your child

- how to talk to you child about touching themselves

- when children say no

- physical boundaries


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