Ecstatic Birth Story and Conscious Parenting Secrets with Amber Hartnell


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Amber experienced her first spiritual awakening at 7 when her mother died. She shares how her childhood lessons shaped her relationship to pain and to Spirit. Also, how (without even intending to do so), she inspired thousands of women to find power and pleasure in birth with her appearance in two documentaries. Now a mama to two boys, ages 14 and 9, she shares conscious parenting secrets to empower us all.

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Discussed in the episode:

- Amber’s spiritual awakening at 7 when her mother died

- learning to transcend pain as a child

- what is spiral & continual expansion during birth

- how to cultivate capacity to be with strong sensation

- ecstatic vs orgasmic

- how to build a birth field

- how to create a meaningful ritual with children

- raising boys to be sensually aware men

- Amber’s “Embodied Resonance” attunement sessions

Mentioned in the episode:

- “Birth as We Know it” documentary

- “Orgasmic Birth” documentary

- Birthing from Within book

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