From Trauma to Tantra and Beyond with Blaire Lindsay


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She grew up in the Canadian Rockies and spent a decade teaching yoga, tantra, and dance. Blaire is now a coach and educator specializing in embodiment, sensuality, and women's sexual health. She is living in dreamy Playa del Carmen, Mexico with her husband.

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Discussed in this episode:

- what is somatic experiencing?

- where to start with our trauma

- yoga & sexuality

- tantric school in India & living on a tantric island

- why knowing yourself spiritually and sexually are equally important

- how brokenness can be powerful motivation

- what sexual energy can create

- when your life force is freed up

- the most important practice to start with

- how to tell our partner what we want / like

- two main types of orgasms to understand

- what’s “edging”?

- self-pleasure or self-care

- what affects our lubrication

- unshaming pleasure

- you can’t shame away shame

- feminine rising on the planet

Mentioned in this episode:

- Peter Levine

- Agama Yoga, Rishikesh

- Language of Sensation

- “9 1/2 weeks” fridge scene :)

- Blaire's Spotify playlist



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