Our Deep Dark Fantasies and the Non-Monogamy Conversation with Katya and Rob


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Have you ever wondered why, in a society where most couples marry for love, the rates of infidelity, divorce, marital & sexual dissatisfaction are so high? What’s going on? What are we missing? And how can we do better? Rob & I certainly don’t have all the answers, but at least we’re starting with the questions! Should monogamy be assumed forever? Is it okay to think of other people when we’re having sex with each other? What makes a threesome exciting? Are socially unacceptable fantasies normal? How do we learn about bdsm? How can we add spice to vanilla sex? What do we do with jealously? Can we really be everything to each other, and what does it mean to be truly whole?

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Discussed in the episode:

- negotiating the boundaries of our marriage

- why monogamy shouldn’t be assumed

- the most fun summer of our lives (getting a girlfriend)

- surprising thing about a threesome

- what is sovereign sexuality?

- do we all have a shadow side?

- on socially unacceptable fantasies

- a huge realization: why we haven’t been truly fulfilled in our sex life

- the most rebellious act for women

- why caring for small children doesn’t agree with eroticism

- the “lingerie incident” revisited

- flirting with BDSM

- can we be everything to each other?

- does being partners for life mean we’re erotically bonded only to each other forever?

- from vanilla sex to dark fantasies, and what’s in between

- what to do with jealousy and ‘I’m not enough’ thoughts

- tinder dream confession

- why do we need the energy of a ‘third’ to add spice to a relationship?

Mentioned in the episode:

- Esther Perel “Mating in Captivity”

- Christopher Ryan “Sex at Dawn”

- film “Before Sunset”



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