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Are you an Empowered Lover? Gem take-aways: asking for what you want instead of complaining, how and why we need to rewire our nervous system together with our partner, how to fire up desire, how our cyclical nature affects sexual chemistry, the one thing that often at the heart of intense conflicts … and especially for the women listening, please stay till the end, as Achintya closes with some really powerful wisdom that might be a bit shocking for some of you, but is really, really worth hearing!

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Discussed in this episode:

- are you sure you know how to receive?

- instead of complaining - ask for what you want

- the one thing that’s often at the heart of intense conflicts

- how & why we need to rewire our nervous system together with our partners

- how to fire up desire

- how sexual cycles affect sexual chemistry

- why does our sexual energy decrease?

- who is a priestess?

- why we don’t even need to try

- how to reclaim our power through our womb blood

Mentioned in this episode:

- Empowered Loving Couples Course (begins may 9 2019)

- Goddess Rising Mystery School

- Hendricks Institute

Achintya Devi @goddess_rising

Seems Heartwell @shemsheart

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