Soft and Savage with Feminist Doula Poet Angela Gallo


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This punk rock feminist, Angela Gallo, is a visionary, a poet, and a trailblazer who creates spaces where womxn can step into their fullest power.

She is a fierce motivational speaker who trains extraordinary Doulas and she’s not shy about her mission to change the world. Find out how to live from pleasure, how to say yes even when you’re uncomfortable, how to become the most epic, non-fragmented version of yourself, and so much more.

Discussed in episode:

- how can we be the ‘non-fragmented’ woman?

- the whole fkn package or nothing at all

- living from pleasure

- why pleasure (and self-pleasure) is so important

- using a crystal wand!

- the Vortex project & being seen

- saying yes when you’re uncomfortable

- why pregnancy can be the most creative, transformative time of your life

- the magic of when bodies come together

- how orgasm relates to thriving, not surviving

- why we will never find freedom on a conveyor belt

- on healing the Mother Wound

- being called to do deep soul work

- on bodily autonomy

- sensual birth

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“the masks we wear: the obliteration of martyrdom, misogyny and motherhood as you know it”

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