27 - Stubborn Symphonic Seduction


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There's some stuff in this episode about A harpy and some enchanting music and we all simp for her for a little while... But for real, If Ki-Adi-Mundi never told the council about the droid attack on the Wookies, Yoda wouldn't have gone off to help them fight off the droid invasion on Kashyyyk.... He would have been present to help Anakin fight off the dark side influence over him, and would have co-led the arrest of Chancellor Palpatine with Mace Windu and Anakin... thus preserving the lives of the other masters, discover the plans of how Palpatine was leading the galaxy against itself by leading both sides of the clone wars, and he never could have ascended to the rank of Emperor by dissolving the Republic and establishing the Galactic Empire... in short... Ki-Adi-Mundi doomed the Galaxy to 25 years of Imperial rule, and countless enslavements and deaths under their thumb. Also, shout-out to Neo-Classical Rococo Che Lounges!

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