Flight Night II with Urban Artifact


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Scotty Hunter, co-owner/Head of Sales, from Urban Artifact in Cincinnati joins us for a Flight Night!
  • Introduction of the panel
  • ONE TOUGH QUESTION (Icebreaker): What is your most used emoji on your phone?
  • How did Urban Artifact get started?
  • FIRST UP: Spyglass, lemon-lime tart
  • Why did you all decide to use real fruits?
  • How did you all get the right formula for the sours?
  • How much science goes into making the beer?
  • How important is the pH level for sour beers?
  • SECOND UP: Pinwheel, an orange gose
  • How did you all end up in a historic church?
  • Making fruit ales and sours
  • Perfecting the taste
  • THIRD UP: Gadget, midwest fruit tart
  • Where is Urban Artifact available
  • What’s next

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