01. Introducing Horizon Zero, and what we can do to position the nation for leadership in coming generations


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1. Introduction to Horizon Zero podcast and book - dialog about the increasing merger of online and offline life, and what that means for America’s future
2. What is a Phase Zero and Fusion of Horizons dialogue?
3. Generational cycles in American history and what they suggest we can do in the next few decades to position the nation for leadership
4. What connects the dots between digital change, generational change, and the cognitive shift from writing as a “horizon” of meaning?
5. Insights about decision-making in a digital world of weaponized social media
6. About the ways we engage others and interpret information. All is not as it seems.
7. Challenges of coming out of the honeymoon phase of social media and digital change.
8. The United States and China the two superpowers of AI
9. Time to connect the political with the geopolitical horizons

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