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*** Please Note: This Content May Contain Information Regarding Programs That Are No Longer Offered by Hospice Quinte ***
In 2020 Hospice Quinte introduced two new programs – Bereavement Companionship and Caregiver Companionship. Often, people who are caring for someone with a terminal illness don’t have the time or energy to come to a support group. The Caregiver Companionship program allows caregivers to schedule a weekly call with a compassionate volunteer that can be done at a time that works for them without leaving their home. While many people who are grieving find a benefit from support groups – some people are more private and prefer to have one on one conversations about their loss. The Bereavement Companion program answers that need. Empathetic volunteers are matched with people who are grieving the loss of a loved one for weekly supportive telephone calls. Find out more in this week's Changing Lives podcast.

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About Hospice Quinte
Hospice Quinte provides individuals, their families, and caregivers with compassionate end of life care, by attending to their physical, psychosocial, and practical needs, and offering empathetic care to those who are grieving through visiting hospice services and support groups. All Hospice Quinte programs and services are provided by compassionate, well-trained volunteers and staff at no charge to the individual or their family.

Hospice Quinte serves a population of over 102,000 in Quinte West, Belleville, Deseronto, Tyendinaga Township and the Tyendinaga Mohawk Territory. To find out more visit HospiceQuinte.ca.

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