LS Returns for more Worlds and offseason talk: Is NA overpaid? Is EU the Korea killer? | HLL 145


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00:00:00 Intro 00:17:35 Gengariffith wants to discuss Ashley Kang's tweet: "Was Group A the secret Group Of Death?" 00:25:35 Facundinho wants to discuss Europe's record against Korea 00:43:40 Alienware~ 00:46:38 Dakton's take: NA players are NOT overpaid, and the salary discussion is distracting from the actual problems with NA competing internationally 01:00:04 Bluejay's take: The most likely destination for Licorice this offseason will be Team Liquid, but there are many other possible teams to discuss as well. 01:18:30 Dhairyam's take: LCK teams lack Bo5 experience due to the format of LCK playoffs and this holds them back in the knockout stage of Worlds. 01:24:40 Draftbuff for Worlds! 01:28:20 rotateorafk's take: EU as a region is not good, the only reason that the region is so succesful is because of Caps and Caps alone. 01:40:57 DilapidatedPeanut's take: Player salaries are too high; the money could be better spent in other areas in the league. 01:53:22 Pre Never Stops's take: Everyone shitting on FNC is insane, since they clearly out performed expectations. 02:02:05 Outro

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