Ep 16: Coming Home to Our Own Bodies: House Calls & Yoga: Meet Dr. Chloe Hannigan Part 1


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Dr. Chloe Hannigan is a locum small animal vet in the UK and a qualified yoga teacher. Using her first-hand experience in practice, she aims to teach fellow veterinary professionals how yoga and meditation can improve physical, mental, and emotional wellness through her business, VetYogi.

Topics Covered In This Episode:

  • Yoga philosophy
  • Yoga for veterinarians taught by a veterinarian
  • Evidence-based yoga
  • How yoga is relevant to vets off the mat
  • House call practice working as an associate/locum
  • Vet work in the UK, Australia, New Zealand, & Cook Islands

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In loving memory of Dr. Steve Weinberg.

Intro & outro guitar music was written, performed, & recorded by house call veterinarian Dr. Steve Weinberg.

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