Ep 18: Marketing for IHE, House Calls in Canada, & Safety: Meet Dr. Erica Dickie


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Dr. Erica Dickie is the owner/founder of Black Creek Mobile Veterinary Services, based out of Stratford, Ontario. She graduated with distinction from the Ontario Veterinary College in 2011 and in 2020 became a Certified Hospice and Palliative Care Veterinarian. She is passionate about all things relating to End-of-Life Care for pets & has dedicated her practice to helping pet families in her community honor the bond, the life, and the love of their dear companions. She is a mother of 2 young boys, Reid 7, and Logan 4, and is currently palliating her 14-year-old ginger tabby, Porter, through his recent gastrointestinal lymphoma diagnosis.

Topics Covered In This Episode:

  • How practicing in Canada is different from in the U.S.
  • Holding space & creating rituals for grieving families
  • Safety in house call practice
  • Boundaries in euthanasia only practices
  • Mental health
  • Depression, anxiety, & medications
  • Marketing for IHE
  • Canva!

Links & Resources for Dr. Erica Dickie:


  • Quality of Life Consultations
  • Home Palliative Care
  • Telehealth for both of the above services
  • Home Euthanasia and Aftercare
  • Angel Pet Care

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