66. David Armstrong and Sebastian Kaatz of HolidayPirates


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HolidayPirates was born in 2012 - essentially as a travel hack for people to find cheap air tickets.

This came about after co-founder Sebastian Kaatz (now the companys vice president of special products and projects) got increasingly frustrated about the lack of information online for travelers to get secure decent fares.

The content site, based in Germany, quickly morphed into a listings service for discounted air tickets and the company has been growing ever since.

With a need to add some business muscle to the business, David Armstrong was brought in to the company in 2014 as its chief operating officer and eventually becoming CEO in July 2016.

HolidayPirates has taken a unique (in some respects) approach to customer ascquisition, having never bought traffic from Google and relying on some smart social media activity.

They join us as the latest guests on How I Got Here.

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