630: How to Work with a Boss You Don’t Like with Katherine Crowley


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Katherine Crowley discusses what to do when your boss is holding you back.


1) What to do when your boss gets under your skin

2) The 20 bad boss behaviors that drive employees nuts

3) The most important thing you can do when managing up

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Katherine Crowley is a Harvard-trained psychotherapist and career consultant. She helps individuals identify and tackle psychological and interpersonal obstacles to success. She assists with career assessment, developing a personal vision, improving interpersonal skills, and creating work/life balance.

Katherine is also the co-founder of K Squared Enterprises, a Management Consulting firm dedicated to helping individuals and companies accomplish their business objectives while navigating the psychological challenges of working with others. She is the co-host of the podcast, My Crazy Office, which is a weekly workplace podcast dedicated to helping listeners navigate their careers.

• Katherine’s book: Working for You Isn't Working for Me: How to Get Ahead When Your Boss Holds You Back with Kathi Elster

• Katherine’s book: Working With You is Killing Me: Freeing Yourself from Emotional Traps at Work with Kathi Elster

• Katherine’s book: Mean Girls at Work: How to Stay Professional When Things Get Personal with Kathi Elster

• Katherine’s podcast: My Crazy Office

• Katherine’s website: KSquaredEnterprises.com


• Book: A New Earth: Awakening to Your Life's Purpose by Eckhart Tolle

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