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Our guest today is textile designer Candice Kaye of Candice Kaye Design. Candice first got her start in interior design then fell in love with textiles and continued her education at FIT in New York. With her background in design and textiles, Candice has found a unique niche for her work in the hospitality and branding space that is recognized all over the world. We dive into how Candice landed in this space, the technical aspects of it, and her personal design tips.

What You'll Hear on This Show:

  • Trials & Triumphs about indoor plant success, plumbing fixtures, renovations, painting the floors while the family’s away, building walls, attacking a brick wall, decorating a baby nursery, and wallpaper chat.
  • Candice describes what her unique niche in the design world is.
  • What is the branding process like with Candice’s clients?
  • How Candice begun the wallpaper design process that she uses today.
  • Candice's best tips on mixing patterns and textures.
  • The point in the design process when a client brings in Candice
  • How can we consider using scale in our own homes?
  • Does Candice do more murals or wallpaper?
  • What is digital printing?

Show Notes:

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