Ep. 212 Light & Livable with Skye Kirby Westcott


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This week we welcome our Senior VP of Merchandising and Design, Skye Kirby Westcott back to the show. We talk with Skye about the inspiration behind our latest Fall collection, a lighten-up look we’re calling ‘Light & Livable.’ Listen in as we chat about Skye's vision for this collection, where she found her inspiration, and the fall pieces you need now.

What You'll Hear on This Show:

  • Trials & Triumphs about rugs for Caroline's nursery, how Liz is tackling her storage dilemmas, and an update on Taryn's home build.
  • How Skye's time in California inspired the look of our Light and Livable spaces.
  • The design decisions that went into creating this collection.
  • How to successfully pull off a neutral room.
  • Accessorizing and editing spaces so you are only living with things you really love.
  • How to mix wood tones in a room.
  • Skye's favorite pieces from our Light & Livable collection.

Show Notes:

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