Ep. 215: designer Kimberley Seldon


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Our guest today, Kimberley Seldon, does a little bit of everything in the design space. She’s a designer, TV show host, business coach for interior designers, keynote speaker, and a design podcast host. Kimberley takes us through the evolution of her journey in the design world, her “3-legged stool” approach, tips for the business of design, and more. We also take a Decorating Dilemma where we discuss the importance of being clear on your vision before you go into any big project.

What You’ll Hear on This Episode:

  • Trials & Triumphs in construction, landscaping, keeping a tidy house, and working from home.
  • How did Kimberley go from the TV world to the design world to the business coach world?
  • What is Kimberley’s client process?
  • How Kimberley turned her speaking engagements into a brand.
  • Business lessons that Kimberley has learned.
  • Kimberley believes in staying mostly in a style without doing a “theme”.
  • What is Kimberley’s 80/20 rule?
  • What is Kimberley’s approach to mixing woods?
  • Final thoughts on the “3-legged stool” inspired by Yellowstone.

Decorating Dilemma

Hi Kat,

Here’s my opinion...even though I’m not sure you’re going to like it! Because the windows are narrow, I wouldn’t draw attention to it by setting the drapery outside the frame. I think the house needs it, maybe in a beautiful pattern, but I think they should fall exactly as they should. You could do an outside mount, soft Roman shade with the draperies floor-t0-ceiling on top of those, but you could absolutely skip this to save money and just go with the drapery.

In terms of furniture, you want it to support the function you want the room to accomplish. Since we aren’t sure of that from your email, our rule is to use the largest furniture possible to make the room cozy and functional. And be sure to consider flexible seating for visitors if you plan to entertain often. I always approach with a plan of, “What do I want this room to do?” Keeping in mind how you actually live.

We think you need to really come up with a vision for the house! Pick a paint color last to highlight the rugs, drapery, etc. In other words, don’t pick the lipstick before you pick the outfit!

Good luck, Kat!

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