Industry experience as a competitive advantage with Spryker's Alexander Graf


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Key Points:

  • How Alexander and his co-founder got their start with Spryker (01:20)
  • How Spryker adjusted to marketing to multiple decision makers after they passed the $1M ARR mark (05:06)
  • My advice on managing your marketing while addressing a large stakeholder base, with a quote from Ismail Madni (08:21)
  • Alexander discusses Spryker's different competitive strategies for addressing incumbent companies vs. up-and-comers (09:48)
  • How Spryker is competing on brand to become the "Tesla of the commerce industry (11:15)
  • I weigh in on the importance of branding, with a quote from Lattice's Alex Kracov (12:48)
  • Alexander explains why experience and years in the industry are such a powerful moat for Spryker (14:34)
  • Alexander discusses how difficult it is to pin down which sales efforts are working most effectively (16:04)
  • I explain why it is nearly impossible to identify the causal factors of success, with a quote from Les Binet (18:08)
  • Alexander explains why Spryker benefitted from getting their start in Germany (22:13)
  • My advice on how to hire the best team members (24:14)
  • Wrap up (28:05)


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How Alex Kracov made Lattice a go-to name for HR professionals"The Long and the Short of it: Balancing Short and Long-Term Marketing Strategies" byLes Binet and Peter Field

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