80 - Women Who Hire Men Who Listen, HR Event Vaccine Mandates


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On episode 80 of The HR Famous Podcast, long-time HR leaders (and friends) Tim Sackett and Kris Dunn come together to discuss hiring men to listen to you, generational wealth gaps and how money is dispersed generationally, and in-person HR conferences!

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1:30 - Tim and KD are together recording live in Miami! They are seeing the Michigan State Spartans football team take on the Miami Hurricanes.

2:30 - Tim found a new article that discusses a new phenomenon where Chinese women rent men to listen to them.

7:30 - KD wonders what the training for these men is like. He thinks it might involve some body language training, non-verbal affirmations, and listening skills.

10:30 - KD asks if a young Chinese man would rather go into an industrial career or this type of job. Tim notes that they want them to be college educated, pop-culturally savvy, amongst other qualifications.

12:45 - Recently an economic study found that 30 year olds across time and generations don’t have any major change in wealth attained and acquired although, there has been a growing dissatisfaction with the wealth gap in the US amongst young people.

15:15 - KD mentions that he doesn’t know a lot of Boomers that grew up with a lot of wealth or privilege and how our transition into a consumption society has tainted young people’s view of the world.

17:30 - “Comparison is the thief of joy.” - Kris Dunn

21:40 - Tim recently went to SHRM annual and is headed to another SHRM conference with KD. Tim has noticed a small but vocal group on social media trying to stop people from going to these in-person conferences.

24:50 - Tim thinks it’s brave of HR Tech to mandate vaccines for their in-person conferences since it’s alienating about 30% of the potential audience. KD thinks that it’s not brave because they were trying to maximize the biggest audience possible.

28:30 - Tim noticed that there were a lot of extroverts at the SHRM conference and that they were very engaged.

31:40 - Catch Tim and KD at HR Tech from Sep 28 to Oct 1!

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