HRExaminer Executive Conversations w/ Yvette Cameron, Velocity Career Labs


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Yvette Cameron provides research and advisory services to HCM technology firms, buyer organizations and investors as Founder and Principal Analyst of NextGen Insights, LLC. She also serves as Co-Founder and EVP of Ecosystem at Velocity Career Labs, establishing the Velocity Network Foundation (VNF). VNF is an industry-consortium approach to reinventing how career records are shared across the global labor market through the development of a public, open, trusted and self-sovereign professional profile powered by blockchain technology. Prior to her current work, Yvette served as SVP Global Strategy at SAP SuccessFactors, GM/VP Saba Learning and Performance, VP Product at Oracle, Research Director at Gartner and VP Principal Analyst at Constellation Research. She's an international speaker on innovations in HCM processes and technology and the future of work. Yvette holds a B.A. in Mathematics and Applied Statistics. Specialties: Advisor, HRTech, HR Technology, HCM, Startups, Blockchain, AI, Investor, Accelerator, Future of Work, Employee Experience, Digital Trends, Digital Transformation, Human Resources, Product Management, Product Strategy, Strategy, Innovation, Design Thinking. Twitter:

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