Just What The Doctor Ordered: A Little Bit Softer Now


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In Just What The Doctor Ordered, Dr. Albert Beck (the man, the myth, the Eric Roberts) escapes Abernathy State Mental Hospital and squats in the attic of a house. Maggie (Carrie Schroeder) and her daughter Alexa (Grace Patterson) move in. Dr. Beck falls for Alexa, who has a heart condition. Dr. Beck explores a series of potential heart “donors” for Alexa.
Javert! Pizza ovens! Beach Too Sandy, Water Too Wet! Semisonic! Wicker trays! CPR dummies! eHarmony! Shots! Tie dye! Ice skating!
Matt has big Type O+ energy!
Elizabeth doesn’t know anything about blood types, including her own!
Matt doesn’t think chamomile is a good heart medication!
Elizabeth - surprise, surprise - hijacks the conversation!

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