Healing our Hearts and Self-Worth with Gloria (Part 2)


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Welcome to part 2 of a shared interview episode! This week’s episode is part two of an interview that I’ve shared with Gloria of the Excuse My Life podcast. It’s all about all things LOVE. In honor of Valentine’s Month we’re talking about relationships, self love, self worth and healing our hearts. All the LOVE!

  • Taking a look at the breakdown and spiritual healing of 2020 and breaking generational patterns of trauma.

  • Learning that forgiveness is in not taking it personally whether it’s in the negative or the positive! A lesson from the book “The Four Agreements”.

  • Learning to be brutally 100% honest with ourselves on our healing journey.

Excuse My Life Podcast for part 1 of this great interview: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/comparison-trap-controlling-behavior-generational-trauma/id1534110603?i=1000510013065

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