Healing through Writing: An Emotional Wellness and Mental Health Journey with Vaneeta Kaur


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Vaneeta Kaur is the author of the Silver Lining Series, mental health and wellness advocate and founder of Purple Roan Project, a London based nonprofit organization whose focus is using creativity to spread hope and to help create equity in the mental health landscape. At a young age she was drawn to the written word and was able to find clarity in the midst of battling depression through her own writing. In this episode, we discover how she found herself within her own shadow side and the power of giving herself permission to feel her emotions.

  • How getting fired from Vaneeta's corporate job opened her up to her true calling
  • Neutral emotions, There are no "good" and "bad" emotions and how we must be willing to sit with them to understand them.
  • Normalizing "NO" as a full sentence. Setting boundaries is necessary and valid.
  • Recognizing anger as a powerful emotion that we can alchemize.

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