How to Heal from an Identity Shake Up and Plant Your Own Roots with Lindsay Blount


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What would you do if you found out you had over 15 siblings and everything you thought you knew about your identity and who you are came crashing down? This week on the show we have on Lindsay Blount! A woman of many labels, but that's not what we're here to focus on. We are here to bring Lindsay's insights on identity and it's meaning in our lives. More importantly, how our identities are NOT fixed, but flexible. Something we can learn AND relearn if we choose. Here's to shaking up our identity and creating a more true authentic version of us!
  • Hear the incredible story of how Lindsay had the shake-up of her life during the early months of the Pandemic
  • In breakdown comes break through!
  • We are not our parents' decisions! We are not the identity they put forth on us. Moreover, we are not a donor experiment.
  • Nothing defines you but yourself. You are the only person who can define you.

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