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It's hard to imagine the emotions that must be associated with the disappearance of a child. The intersection of loss, hope, and utter anxiety must be crushing. Now imagine you’re in that situation and one day, SOMEHOW, you get good news that the child has been found, safe. Continuing this thought experiment, what would relief be replaced with when they bring you the kid...and it isn’t yours. The kid resembles your child, the police swear it’s your child, but you’re a know. This is the exact thing that happened to Christine Collins in California in 1928. But WAS it actually her son, Walter? If not, who was this imposter? Was Christine simply losing her mind? And how are the Wineville murders and Canada involved? We put on our fedoras and investigate the mysterious disappearance of Walter Collins this week. Plus, Kyle gets an overhaul (for the better), he requests baked goods containing coagulated milk proteins (same song, different tune), and the fellas discuss the best Angelina Jolie flicks (Hackers obviously). All of that and more on the podcast that’s never had a family member abducted, but if we did, we sure hope Angelina Jolie would star in the movie - Hysteria 51.
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