IHGB #231 -- Bachelor in Paradise Week 3: Smoke Show


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The technical difficulties that plagued me during this podcast almost made me lose my Christianity. There's a dainty cloud of profanity that still hangs over the house as I write this sentence, but all I'm going to ask you to do is extend a heaping serving a grace to this episode. Do I own a microphone and professional equipment? Yes, I do. Does it sound like my first time podcasting? Indeed, it does. Was everyone and everything, including my migraine, against me while editing this bad boy? You bet. Did I have to start completely over after two hours of work because I could not hear the audio for some unknown reason? Of course, I did. But that doesn't stop me and Some Guy in Austin from trudging on, providing you with nothing but the answers to life-altering questions. For example: Is "smoke show" a compliment or does it have misogynistic undertones?Remember when Gwyneth Paltrow and the guy from Coldplay decided to consciously uncouple? I'd like to officially coin the phrase "conscious un-vibing" for this season.Will Demi actually murder Tia her sleep? My bet is yes. Demi has trouble hiding her crazy. EPISODE NOTES: HERE is the premiere recap of Bachelor in Paradise. Would you like to listen to the Spotify playlist? SHOW NOTES: Subscribe to Podcast: iTunes or Android Follow Me: Facebook and Instagram, and Twitter Buy My Books: It’s a Love Story and Why I Hate Green Beans

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