IHGB #252 -- Bachelor Clayton Episode 5: Painting the Town Beige


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Hello everyone! Well, I'm back. Sort of. The last few weeks have been extremely emotional with the passing of my father. I find myself laughing one second, crying another, and somehow hungry through it all. Grief is weird. But when you have a built-in community of people who care about you, it makes the pain much more managable. I do have a community of strength around me. And that includes anyone who may be reading this sentence right now. In my first book, I wrote about how my website and The Bachelor franchise ironically helped me through my divorce. Reading comments and posts was life-giving to me. I've learned the same is true of this silly little podcast. Although I may not reach out to each of you individually in response to your kind words of encouragement, know that I see you and hear you. I'm overwhelmed with gratitude and thanksgiving. And now I give you my thoughts, along with Some Guy in Austin's, on why Serene wore lingerie on her date to a pleasure pier in Galveston. Kudos to the aggressive return of the beloved denim panty. EPISODE NOTES: Here’s the link to our official Bachelorette Bracket we are playing with my favorite sports podcast, Last Night’s Game. I can’t wait!!! Click HERE to be sucked in by the stats on Bachelor Data! SHOW NOTES: Subscribe to Podcast: iTunes or Android Follow Me: Facebook and Instagram, and Twitter

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