IHGB #260 -- Thomas Rhett "Where We Started" Album with Lara


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If you follow me on social media, you know that Lara and I dropped everything to attend a Thomas Rhett Where We Started album release party in Nashville this last weekend. As we said multiple times during the forty-eight-hour experience, “The Lord has found favor in this trip,” and we share all the magical details in this episode. Check out “Where We Started,” and thank us later!

Also, check out my concert highlights on my Instagram account to witness the giddiness!


If you’d like to listen to our fanboy podcast on Thomas Rhett, I give you Episode #215.

Check out Where We Started HERE.

Lara’s Favorite Tracks:

The Hill

Mama’s Front Door

Church Boots

Where We Started

Lincee’s Favorite Tracks:

Anything Cold


Bring the Bar

Death Row


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