Creating Alive Ideas: Connecting to Yourself and Your Business Featuring Suzy Batiz - I Love Marketing Episode #416


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Suzy Batiz is one of the leading female Entrepreneurs of this generation. Her magnetic personality, quick wit, and brutally honest insights have touched people all over the world. A sought after speaker, she’s inspired thousands to pursue their dreams and find success in business and life.

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Here’s a glance at what you’ll learn from Suzy in this episode:

  • How Suzy came up with the idea for Poo-Pourri and her incredible journey of building a $500 million empire.
  • What “connection” means to Suzy (PLUS: How Suzy deals with failure – AND – her best advice for any Entrepreneur going through difficulties or struggle).
  • Suzy’s definition of success
  • Suzy’s answer to the question: “What does ‘money’ mean to you?”
  • The importance of “Resonance,” “Entrepreneurial Intuition,” and “Gut Feelings.”
  • A simple practice you can use to tap into your creativity and feel happier.
  • The power of FLOW in making great ideas work and becoming more successful.

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