Secrets of Success In Business, Relationships, and Beyond: The Sixth ILM Zoom Meetup! (Featuring Kevin Harrington and Mark Timm) - I Love Marketing Episode #381


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What are the secrets to success that the greats aren’t telling you? Kevin Harrington and Mark Timm share how to enjoy success both personally and professionally in today’s episode of the I Love Marketing podcast.

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Here’s a glance at what you’ll learn from Kevin, Mark, Dean, and Joe in this episode:

  • The greatest gift of being a mentor and having a mentor for success and achievement.
  • Mark reveals the secret to finding and attracting the RIGHT mentor to guide YOU.
  • The story of how Kevin and Mark met and why they co-wrote their new book “Mentor To Millions”.
  • How to navigate B.S., deal with psychological complexity, and stay resilient no matter what.
  • Strategies for cutting deals, structuring partnerships, and setting up winning collaborations.
  • The formula to maximize mentorship, build almost anything you want, and impact millions.
  • How recognizing bigger opportunities can help you build and leverage your personal brand.
  • The fastest way to get your product and/or service into the hands of millions of people.
  • Why it’s so important to value your mentors’ time, make things easy, and act on your mentors’ advice.
  • The difference between “shark” deals, “generous” deals, and FAIR deals (PLUS: Why fair deals SCALE).
  • How to integrate a deeper, more meaningful relationship with your family AND your Business.
  • Five banks turned him down. He did THIS ONE THING, and the original bank ended up lending him $3 MILLION.
  • Kevin walks you through the most effective pitch you can use to raise money for your idea or Business.
  • How to think exponentially, expand your scope of possibility, and live the life you desire and deserve.

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