The Power of Your Book: Turn What You Already Know Into a Book and Leverage It to $250,000 or More With Alinka Rutkowska - I Love Marketing Episode #425


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Do you want to raise your fees, boost your credibility and authority and increase the value of your time? Are you struggling to make sense of how to write a book because you're busy as heck? Listen to this episode!

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Here’s a glance at what you’ll learn from Alinka in this episode:

  • The top 10 OBJECTIONS Entrepreneurs have to writing their book AND how to EASILY overcome all of them
  • How Alinka’s book helped her work with (and become friends with) the co-founder of DHL International
  • One of the easiest, simplest, fastest, low cost (and super EFFECTIVE) ways to put together your book
  • The secret to magnifying your authority, enhancing your credibility, and increasing your Client base
  • Alinka reveals the best and quickest way to write YOUR book (ESPECIALLY if you don’t have the time)

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