EP 203: Tracy Walder, former CIA Counter-Terrorism Officer and FBI Agent, chats about her new book, The Unexpected Spy


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Join Kelli and Anne for their 203rd NEW episode!

They start by talking about their downsizing life and the physical and mental toll it is taking on them to pare down their lives plus their new obsession with selling things on Ebay and Poshmark.

Their special guest is Tracy Walder, former CIA Counter-Terrorism Officer and FBI Agent with a new book called The Unexpected Spy. She went from sorority girl at University of S. California and went straight into the CIA at the age of 21 where her career began with the American tragedy of 9/11. She then traveled the world working in the Middle East and talks about what it was like to experience that. She then discusses her decision to leave and join the FBI as a special agent in LA. After several years there she decided to finally follow her original passion and started teaching. She also works with the non-profit Girl Security, which encourages young women to seek employment in the National Security sector and connects them with mentors that are working in the field. For more info on Tracy and to get the book go to www.TracyWalder.com and www.girlsecurity.org

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