EP 214: Hear all about what's up with travel with Kelli & Anne plus their BIG MOVE!


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Join Kelli and Anne for their 214th NEW episode!

They decided to do the show a little differently again today! The last few weeks have been completely over the top including 3 weeks in Europe and now back home to pack up, sign closing papers on their home and move to a new town. First they focus on the travel and how incredible the experience was to be in Italy, from Florence to Venice with R Family Vacations and Uniworld. Next they headed to London for a week and ended with Anne’s sold out concert! Finally they get honest about how stressful, exciting, sad and overwhelming the entire moving process has been. Again they reached out to you on social media and asked what questions YOU wanted to ask Anne & Kelli and you responded! They answer all of the questions you sent through Instagram @Ilovemywifepodcast Twitter @ilovemywifelive and Facebook @ilovemywife. Hear what YOU wanted to hear!

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