EP 212: Catch up with Anne & Kelli in a special episode where they talk about their life, upcoming travel and answer your questions from social media


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Join Kelli and Anne for their 212th NEW episode!

They decided to do the show a little differently today. They always have such incredible guests every week but today it’s all bout Anne & Kelli! First they talk about going through their garage and organizing their life for the move. Sorting through old photos, family china, personal memorabilia…and how they are deciding what to keep. They also talk about Anne getting booked on Celebrity Cruises again as a headline entertainer and how that all happened while they had house inspections, appraisals, and their son Blake’s move to his first apartment. Finally they reminice about how Kelli, her sister and sister-in-laws all joined Anne on the Celebrity Summit for a fun week away together. Next they welcome back Gregg Kaminsky, co-founder of R Family Vacations, and Kelli’s business partner, to chat about what is happening in travel right now and all of the exciting LGBTQ travel they have ahead this year. They also announce the incredible lineup for 2023 including their 20th Anniversary Trip! For more info and to travel with them go to www.rfamilyvacations.com They reached out to you on social media and asked what questions YOU wanted to ask Anne & Kelli and you responded! They answer all of the questions you sent through Instagram @Ilovemywifepodcast Twitter @ilovemywifelive and Facebook @ilovemywife. Hear what YOU wanted to hear!

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