Urgency Dictates What You Have to Do with J Michael Manley


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On this episode, Adam talks to J. Michael Manley about how he went from homeless to being a BOLD coach and owning a successful real estate team. J. Michael started real estate in 2003, had a slow first year selling 12 homes, but sold 42 his second year. He did this through lead generation, making 1300 calls to FSBOs before he got his first listing. He became a KW agent in 2009 as the market was crashing and ended up moving in with his in-laws as a result of it. The urgency that situation created for him lead him to bring his mom on to help him in the afternoons with admin work, and he invested in a BOLD class. After becoming a market leader, he knocked out goals he was hoping to finish in 4 months in 60 days and became a BOLD coach as well. He discusses how he recruits people to his team and how he fixed turnover problems he was having on his team with a 10 day bootcamp.

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