Executive Director at the OpenJS Foundation | Robin Bender Ginn


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Please join us for a conversation with Robin Bender Ginn the Executive Director of the OpenJS Foundation. We will be discussing a variety of topics including the origins and mission of the OpenJS Foundation, as well as, programs, certifications and upcoming events.

Robin Bender Ginn, Executive Director OpenJS Foundation, @rginn206
Joe Sepi, Open Source Engineer & Advocate, @joe_sepi
Luke Schantz, Quantum Ambassador & Podcaster @IBMDeveloper, @lukeschantz

Links mentioned in this episode:

OpenJS Foundation: openjsf.org

OpenJS Collaboration: openjsf.org/collaborate

OpenJS Certification and Training Programs: openjsf.org/certification

OpenJS World 2021: openjsf.org/openjs-world-2021

OpenJS Foundation Individual Supporter Program: openjsf.org/javascriptlandia

Open Source Summit: events.linuxfoundation.org/open-source-summit-north-america

Open Source Security Foundation: openssf.org

Nebraska project: xkcd.com/2347

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