ICTP 117: Regulation and its impact on telecoms and ICT services in the Caribbean, with Annie Baldeo and Kirk Sookram of TATT


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As much as we might grumble about the quality of the telecommunications services we are currently receiving in the Caribbean region, they are considerably better than what they were 10, and most definitely, 20 years ago. Much of the credit needs to go the regulatory structures that were established by many countries across the region, which created the enabling environment in those early years, resulting in the services that we currently experience.

Annie Baldeo and Kirk Sookram of the Telecommunication Authority of Trinidad and Tobago discuss telecommunications regulation in the Caribbean, including:

  • how the region’s telecommunications space has evolved over the past 20 years;
  • the impact of the Internet on regulation;
  • whether more competition will result in lower prices;
  • whether the Over the Top services providers should pay/compensate Caribbean Internet Service Providers; and
  • what might be the future of regulation in the region.

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