ICTP 118: Why personalised online learning is the future of education, with Ricardo Allen, of One on One Educational Services


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Traditionally, online learning was the option pursued when in-person tuition was not available and/or was too expensive. However, due to COVID-19, online learning platforms have become the primary means of delivering education worldwide, and it is anticipated that it will remain a leading modality in the coming years. Ricardo Allen, Founder of One on One Educational Services, has been leading the charge with regard to personalised online learning in the Caribbean region.

In this episode, our discussion with Ricardo will cover areas including:

  • Who is Ricardo Allen and what has been entrepreneurial journey to date
  • What One on One Educational Services is, and how it has evolved over the years
  • How COVID-19 has been and is likely to affect the online learning space
  • And what might be in store for One on One Educational Services in the coming years.

Show notes and links to some of the things mentioned during the episode can be found at www.ict-pulse.com/category/podcast/

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