ICTP 150: Why it is still critical to figure whether you need to build a Lamborghini versus a tricycle, with Liselle Ramcharan-Briscoe


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Project Management, Information Management Professional, and long-time contributor to ICT Pulse, Liselle Ramcharan-Briscoe, continues the data adventures she started with us in 2018. by sharing with us:

  • what new data adventures she has been experiencing;
  • key software engineering, information management and/or even project management trends that she has been observing over the last few years, plus the impact of COVID-19 on those areas; and
  • what are some of the biggest challenges businesses are experiencing these days, especially with regard to information management.

Show notes and links to some of the things mentioned during the episode can be found at www.ict-pulse.com/category/podcast/

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