On the Cusp of Commerciality with Eleonora Vella [Idea Machines #30]


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A conversation with Eleonora Vella about getting the right people in the room, finding research on the cusp of commercializability, and generally how TandemLaunch’s unique system works.

Eleonora is a Program director at TandemLaunch. Tandemlaunch is a startup foundry that builds companies from scratch around university research. This is not an easy task - check out Episode 15 with Errol Arkilic, Episode 19 with Mark Hammond, or Episode 21 with Eli Velazquez if you need convincing. Given the challenges, TandemLaunch’s successes suggest there’s a lot to learn from their processes.

Key Takeaways - An under appreciated reason that commercialization is tricky because it involves a transfer from one skillsets to another - The timescales of business and patents seems to have become decoupled


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