Distributed Innovation with Jude Gomilla [Idea Machines #25]


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In this episode I talk to Jude Gomilla about distributed innovation systems focused especially around the bottom-up response to the coronavirus crisis. Jude is a physicist, founder and CEO of the knowledge compilation platform Golden, and a prolific angel investor. He’s also been in the thick of the distributed response to the coronavirus response from day one.

Key Takeaways - There’s a clear gap between market-based distributed systems and a top down systems coordinated by the government but it’s not clear how to fill it. - Twitter is shockingly important as a coordination tool. - The concept of centralized top-down problem statements coupled with distributed bottom up solutions may be under explored.

Notes Gödel finding inconsistencies in the constitution Jude on Twitter Golden.com - [especially their cluster on the virus Feline Coronavirus Gilead - company working on treatment Balaji Srinivasan on Twitter Chris Dixon Idea Maze Article Cambridge Institute for Manufacturing paper on distributed manufacturing

- Government as a giant flywheel - Claims and counter claims - How do you figure out what’s going on quickly without a centralized system? - Strategies based on timescales - hybrid strategies - Wave 1 - Ramp up for Wave 2 - How to respond to the [[‘Someone is working on that’]] problem - related - Too much explore vs too much exploit - Prizes for solving problems - Top down problem generation and bottom up solution generation

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