Ep 34. Optimize Your Customer Journey! Rebuild Your Marketing & Sales Infrastructure For Sustainable Business Growth.


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When is the last time you looked at your customer journey through the eyes of your ideal customer? Is your journey optimized and systemized to give the right value at every stage? Are your marketing, branding, SEO, and selling initiatives in alignment with where you are in your business right now? Some businesses' customer journeys and initiatives are stuck on awareness mode when they need to switch to sales, acquisition, and conversions mode.
Let me share with you a 5-point customer journey blueprint that you can modify to fit your current situation. I'll then show you how to expand your marketing and sales tactics and effectiveness using your actual customers. We'll also debunk some myths many businesses are still doing that are costing them sales, repeatable buyers, and causing them to fail.
Businesses that achieve high-level sustainability and scalable success use various strategies and techniques I cover in this episode to grow. Take a listen and adjust your business strategy accordingly.
This is episode 34, #CustomerJourneyOptimization


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