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There are levels of failure. With failure comes the responsibility to address mistakes, address things that are in your control, and things that are not in your control.

Even if it wasn't necessarily your fault, there's always some room for improvement. There's always room for growth. If one idea doesn't work, there are millions more. If one door closes, there are millions more. The only thing that will stop you from eventually achieving the success that you want is if you stop keep moving, keep building, keep progressing, never stop trying, adjust to setbacks, and pivot accordingly.

If we just remain positive and work through challenges, most things will work out if it is meant for you. Part of the reason that we have to deal with failure and look at it through a certain lens and that sometimes the result of failure is literally because of our ignorance or because of our own doing, because we're pushing ourselves against a wall that is not meant to be broken because that is not the path we're meant to be on in the first place.

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