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Welcome to iDigress, a brand new podcast featuring simplistic takeaways for people who want to grow their business by elevating social media marketing.

iDigress is hosted by Troy Sandidge.

For over ten years, Troy Sandidge has been working with entrepreneurs, small businesses, nonprofits, agencies, national brands, influencers, international organizations, and even multi-billion enterprise businesses achieve success and reach audacious goals using his D.A.R.T. Marketing Methodology™ to grow their brand identity, reach, and profitability through social media, video, and digital marketing strategies with a heavy emphasis on storytelling.

Troy creates simple, effective marketing strategies and systems tailor-made specifically for your business, industry, niche audience, and ability to increase brand awareness and generate organic leads for you! If you’re struggling to get the results and ROI you desire through marketing, Troy wants to help you by creating an action plan to get to the core of your pain points to chart out a dynamic marketing blueprint to overcome your obstacles and challenges to achieve all of your goals!


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In this introductory episode of iDigress, host Troy Sandidge delves into the intentions behind this podcast and what you can expect in future episodes. The goal for this podcast is for it to lead to something greater, inspire you to create, and empower you to take marketing by the horns, go forth and be successful. Sounds good, right?

iDigress combines Troy’s passion, purpose, and power to help people do what they do best, by captivating their audience, nurturing them, and then telling their story. His specialty is creating simplistic systems with amazing strategy and solid structure that will give you the success you’re looking for. Sounds delicious, right?

In future episodes, Troy will provide you with powerful takeaways from his years of experience in marketing and business that are sure to leave you with some food for thought that will inspire you to take action in some way, shape, or form. You will gain insight into how marketing and social media platforms work, as well as the science and psychology behind utilizing digital channels to achieve desired outcomes.

How do you get people to follow a call to action?

Here’s the thing, you have a voice that matters. In fact, it makes an impact every single day, whether you realize it or not! Troy is here to encourage you not to squander your voice. If you can tell your story in a simple way that evokes emotion, most people will be willing to take the next step. So, join Troy on this journey and take the next step with him… because why else did you end up here?


Looking for direction in your business?

Searching for clarity in your messaging?

Having difficulty connecting to your target audience?

Wishing you had a roadmap to navigate platforms & trends?

Looking to systemize your marketing to reach your destination?

If you’re internally screaming yes to any of these questions, connect with Troy below to discover how you can finally get the answers and solutions you need!


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