Ep 32. You Have The Potential. How To Achieve Your Full Business Potential When Others Don't See It.


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There are very hard truths that I really want to break down. Not everybody will see the potential of your business. Not everyone will see the potential of what you bring to the table. Not everyone will see your potential as an employee. Not everyone can see your potential as a startup. Not everyone will see your potential as a freelancer.

Now that we've gotten that out the way, let me also make this very clear: that person is only one person who does not see the value in what you feel is valuable.

You have to keep going. This is the part where you must simply have conviction and have the understanding while possessing the patience to trust your skillset, to trust your ability, to trust yourself, to trust that what you want will manifest in time.

This is episode 32, #YouHaveThePotential


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