Idiotville #183: Joe Brogan and the Taco Bowl!


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Due to production snafus, namely Dill's stunning inability to count, there is no Idiotville #181. We skipped the number. We apologize.

Brent and Dill are joined by Joe Brogan!

There’s a lot going on in Edinboro: A teacher made an ill-advised social media post, and we discuss social media policies, plus what was she thinking?

We talk briefly about becoming “Tysonic” – listen in to find out about entering the “Tyson Zone”

After that, we talk briefly about the hefty raises given to some members of the staff at Edinboro University – (Where’s our kickback, Lafuria?)

Joe drinks an exploding beer, and we decide there’s probably not a never-ending fountain of Zima anywhere, sadly.

The Ember+Forge Beer Segment!
Be sure to catch this segment LIVE every Wednesday on Facebook! This week, Joe brought in “Gentleman’s Agreement” from Logyard Brewing in Kane, PA. There’s some good stuff here about insane amusement parks and our adventures at #krampusnachterie last weekend!


We dive deep into the Taco Bowl: what it is, why it was created, and how Joe is using it to help out kids in the community as well as raising awareness for some important causes.

Finally, we make some bowl predictions and pick our favorite ridiculous bowl game name! (For our money, nothing will ever top the Poulan Weed-Eater Independence Bowl.)

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